Sylvain founded ACMÉ in 1996. He collaborates to the work of all the project managers, technical draftsmen, and gets involved in the design and production with designers, architects, stage designers and clients. He has surrounded himself with a team of highly motivated people to achieve more than a hundred interactive exhibitions and thousands of immersive projects with budgets varying from $ 5 000 to 2 million dollars. Sylvain is considered as very resourceful when an impossible situation arises to the pleasure of his clients and friends.

Sylvain Malo

President- director of technical design
With ACMÉ for 9 years and Sylvain's associate, because of his network and in collaboration with the project managers, he was able to find excellent business opportunities. He maintains the synergies within the vast network of ACMÉ clients that come back year after year. Entrepreneur, strategist and socially involved , chances are that your paths will cross at the opening cocktail party of your project by ACMÉ that is for sure.

Luc Mantha

Vice-president, strategic development
Carole celebrates 20 years with ACMÉ. Administrative manager, she is in charge of finances and as such rigorously makes sure that the internal and external budgets are met. She is every employee's sunshine and is very caring for everybody even in the intense periods.

Carole Malo

Administrative manager
Gilles has been part of the ACMÉ team for almost 3 years now. His vast experience in project management, IT and other fields brings to ACMÉ the support the whole company requires. He plans and coordinates all aspects of production, manages the computer systems and ERP, in addition to qualifying and keeping up to date ACMÉ's sub-contractors. He is our right-hand man.

Gilles Leblanc

Production and planning manager
With ACMÉ for 19 years , Éric provides advantageous purchasing solutions for the whole of our projects. His vast suppliers network covers the planet, but he favors local partners whenever possible. Very sought-after by our projects managers and support staff, with his team he succeeds in finding the one of a kind gadget that must arrive from Tombouctou within 24 hours.

Éric Bernier

Purchasing manager
Étienne has been part of the ACMÉ team since 2003. He has been in charge of projects at the Pointe à Callières museum, La Maison des Patriotes, La Citadelle de Québec and many other exhibitions. In addition to many international corporate kiosks, he managed the exhibition in the Canadian Pavilion at the Shanghai Universal Fair. Étienne also manages the production of sets for Radio-Canada ever since ACMÉ has become their official workshop. A real photography buff, he has become without contest our house photographer.

Étienne Boucher Cazabon

Project manager
Mario has been with ACMÉ for more than 15 years. Specialist of the Cirque du Soleil projects and of major shows , he was responsible for the creation of the sets for Odysséo (the world's biggest big-top) and for Cavalia, as well as many world tour roaming productions of the Cirque on top of having supervised the set-up of permanent sets for shows in China, Mexico and Dubai. Avid hunter and fisherman, he will surely entertain you with his hunting and fishing stories.

Mario Bonenfant

Project manager
With ACMÉ since 2011, Dany has 265 years experience in managing commercial, kiosks and museums venues. Be it the Place Ville Marie look-out, Boutiques Ricardo, the 51 La Cage sports Brasseries and exhibitions at the Centre des Sciences de Montréal, his versatility and playful nature with the right amount of seriousness bring a dynamism to his endeavours.

Dany Jalbert

Project manager
With ACMÉ since 2014, Frédéric is responsible for the Mosaïcultures Internationales project and of mandates in the universe of amusement parks. On his own time , Frédéric acts as legal counsel on the board of philanthropic organizations on top of being our legal affairs director. He provides us with legal advice making our excellent contractual relationships with our clients much easier. Ultra organized, he does not take himself too seriously and remains always available.

Frédéric Lapierre

Project manager
Kevin, has been with ACMÉ for 3 years now. He got involved as project manager for the Peur Dépôt and Maison Rouge Six Flags attractions. His know-how of interactive thematic circuits sets coupled with his knowledge of operational flow principles are precious assets. He was also responsible for many major museum exhibitions and has worked with important design agencies in Quebec. Involved on the job sites, always planning and calculating, he tactfully tells the real story and becomes the client's best friend in the critical phases of the projects.

Kevin Labrie

Project manager amusement parks and museums
Benoît is head of the drawing department at ACMÉ since 2008. As a member of ADIQ, he has collaborated to the technical design of more than 150 museum exhibitions and more than 100 interactives. His sense of leadership, his versatility and inventiveness have brought him to work on projects of shows for le Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia (Odysseo), La Ronde (Six Flags), les Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal and many more. Adept of the mouse, the keyboard and his 3D printer, he knows how to brighten up the offices with his contagious laughter.

Benoit Jetté

Head of 3D drawing department, industrial designer
With ACMÉ for 2 years now, Martin has showed his great skills managing a team of 15 carpenters and cabinetmakers under schedule and work load pressures. In constant touch with the project managers and the draftsmen, he has a knack for finding solutions on the spot. Because of his 25 years experience in a cabinetmaking workshop, he knows when to laugh when its funny and not to cry when we ask him for the impossible.

Martin Richer

Head of the carpentry workshop
Already 8 years with ACMÉ, Rémi is in charge of the paint department. His 30 years experience as a painter sculptor have allowed ACMÉ and its finishing staff to add an organic and artistic touch to many projects. Many stage designers of international fame swear by his artistic signature, that of his colleague Martin Loiselle and the team of his department. On his own time, Rémi is a professional sculptor highly in demand in Québec.

Rémi Bergeron

Head of the sculpture and paint workshop
Employed for 18 years as a painter, sculptor and modeller, Martin is always involved in almost all the projects and provides the artistic touch the clients are looking for. 2 days before the first representation of Joya by the Cirque du Soleil in Mexico, he masterfully fulfilled a special request from the client despite the crazy deadline...The client had nothing but praises for the precision and beauty of his work despite the urgency.

Martin Loiselle

Assistant sculpture workshop and stage painting
Part of the ACMÉ team for 8 years now, Robert is in charge of research and development at ACMÉ. He designs and builds the many prototypes for one of a kind projects. He is very knowledgeable in electronics, mechanics and electricity. Solution seeking ace, he makes sure that the equipments and interactives delivered to our clients work flawlessly regardless of the hundreds of thousand users field-testing them. He always wins.

Robert Comeau

She has been our head seamstress and accessories maker for 5 years now. She provides an important complement to our many stage sets projects. Be it Cavalia, Odysseo, Toruk, Joya and many more, she can complete a small as well as a gigantic project with her good humour and undisputed talent.

Fanie Robert

Head seamstress, accessories maker

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