Exhibition Kiosks

Spaces that bring people together to attract, convince and sell

How to stand out in 5 seconds

Aligned with the marketing strategy and brand image, a kiosk has to create a strong and positive first impression. It also has to highlight the value of the products and services while optimizing the flow of visitors.

In what are sometimes tight spaces, it presents quite a challenge. But a challenge we’ve been successfully overcoming for 15 years: several of our projects have received design awards.

Our services

  • Design and construction of custom kiosks, of all sizes, for professional or public trade shows and conventions
  • Project management from A to Z, including transportation logistics around the world and supervision of assembly and dismantling operations
  • Possible storage in our facilities
  • Maintenance and modification of elements intended for travel

What sets us apart

  • Turn-key delivery of projects, including furnishings and electric, electronic, interactive and audiovisual components
  • Collaborative approach between the company and designers for a smooth and efficient production process
  • Strict compliance with budgets and deadlines
  • Awareness of international standards and limitations related to trade shows
  • R&D studio with leading-edge technology to meet any challenge

Our clients

  • Cominar
  • Air Transat
  • Roche
  • Sisternalux
  • O’Neill
  • Lumenpulse
  • Meditex
  • Maison Lavande

Calling Acmé is always the right answer

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